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 This story premise intriguing? Creepy? Stupid?

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PostSubject: This story premise intriguing? Creepy? Stupid?   Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:24 pm

If you call writing an art,

A boyfriend (Colin) gets his girlfriend (Nicole) pregnant accidentally. Through stress of life and classes, they both misinterpret the warning signs until the beginning of the second trimester, at which point going to an abortion clinic would be necessary. Colin is still very close to his mother (Caroline) and she gets the information out of him. Now, Caroline herself had an abortion in the past, works at a domestic abuse shelter where they happen often, and knows that Nicole had a troubled background. These are the justifications she gives to Colin that he cannot allow Nicole to have that abortion (something she says that actually persuades him is that Colin's deceased father wanted him aborted to because Colin hates his father and considers this a possible way to distance himself/show him up)
Nicole is equally dead set against being talked out of the abortion. Almost violently so: she thinks the fact Colin told his mother is borderline a betrayal and worries that it means Colin might abandon her when she needs him most. Colin convinces her that is not going to happen, and then confers with Caroline in secret. Because scheduling problems with the local clinic, Colin and Caroline have several days to plan and arrange what they consider a necessary crime: they will kidnap Nicole and convince the world she's dead. Nicole will need to be physically restrained to avoid causing a miscarriage. But will Colin and Caroline be able to see this scheme through for six months?

So, there's the setup. What do you think when you hear it?
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PostSubject: Re: This story premise intriguing? Creepy? Stupid?   Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:47 pm

That's a very compelling premise, at first it seems like a typical touchdown on a controversial issue. But it makes a very interesting twist seeing the lengths the characters are willing to go, the boyfriend and his mother wanting the baby, and the girlfriend dead set on having the child aborted.

It seems like a very social and culturaly heavy premise, I'd like to see more!
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This story premise intriguing? Creepy? Stupid?
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